veev, they/them/theirs or she/her/hers

please ask before reblogging any personal posts


fuck it, blocking notifs on that post. i want my dash back.

still a good post though.

I just got a friend request on steam from someone whose username I don’t recognize - i’m assuming they came from tumblr but i don’t know who they are? so if you sent me a friend request and haven’t had it accepted yet let me know!

the upside of taking a leave of absence: june and i will be in the same city for an entire semester!!! i’m so psyched =3

/)/////( <33333

i just, like. waggled my fingers delightedly and then squished my cheeks, it was MEGA adorable and you’re so great and cute and gay <3

whisperwhisk asked
HEY so you mentioned doing Magick Things today. Any word on that?

have not heard from other people, alas - gonna make another ping post.

might as well make it this one, actually.

amphetameme freezepeachinspector dwn09-metalman alchemyrainstorms dimir-charmer disheveledwisdom any of you up for a conspiracy draft tonight/tomorrow night/later this week?

i made a really cute face while thinking about getting june-smooches but unfortunately my webcam was unable to properly capture exactly how cute it was. you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

((for the record, the confusion between 52 and 104 was a bit of terminology conflation. as far as Cartoon Network is concerned, an “episode” of Steven Universe is a half-hour block. in those terms, there will be 26 half-hour episodes in season one, and 52 total after season two. BUT each half-hour block contains two 12-minute shorts, so there will eventually be 104 shorts, which is what both the writer and op of the post i reblogged were calling “episodes”, while the various sources i googled were calling the half-hour blocks “episodes”.))




Steven Universe is getting 104 episodes.


here’s the closest thing i can find to an official source, but i don’t see anything about 104 episodes? it looks like there’s going to be 26 episodes by the end of season one, bringing it up to 52 through season two. not sure how we got to 104 for twice that.

Hi there, I already edited the post yesterday, but here’s where I got my news from

Thank you for the response!

(the linked tumblr is one of the SU writers)

also: dang! ouo