veev, they/them/theirs or she/her/hers

please ask before reblogging any personal posts


anyways i am: sleep now <3

i love being cute and hilarious

another good feeling: leaving someone a hilarious reply, waiting impatiently for them to see it

seeing two people interact when you’re like 90% sure that you were the mutual friend that allowed them to meet is: such a good feeling ^_^


i got out of bed at 11:30 to make this



scowls and faces into the cold, whipping wind


frankensteins everywhere at this time of year

theyre makin their way to the old frankenstein spawning grounds


bodybuilding competitions

okay, first of all, thank you lia for that excellent pun

but, also, i really like how there are certain words that have just been. changed, forever, by jarjammed

like “frankensteins”

i can’t think of any others off the top of my head, but. frankensteins.

i am probs too tired at this point but another time! i enjoyed earlier

tbph i might be too…

whisperwhisk asked
HEY are people doing/still doing MTG things tonite?

i only got yesses from Dorian and you, so we’re probably not drafting tonight, but we could do some commander probably?

today is tuesday

if you’d like to discover factoids about me that would normally be deemed excessive, my inbox is open

anon’s even on, because I'm cool like that forgot to turn it off after the last anon meme

you can even just reply to this post